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A biface stone blade of unknown origin.

Bird Points 1.jpg
A collection of small projectile points.
The use or function of these projectile points is unknown, though some researchers suggest they may be for hunting small prey.
The bird stone is a ground stone object, prominently found in North America, east of the Mississippi. The majority of these artifacts have been located in New York, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

This item is likely a Bristol Biface, typically found in east and Southeast Texas. It is linked to the Late to Transitional Archaic period. While it resembles a scraper, its true function is unknown.Click here to view this item in 3D!
A bison effigy of unknown origin and not varified to be authentic. Effigies were commonly produced and sold to travelers as souvenirs.Click here to view this artifact in 3D!

Spud 2.jpg
The spud, also known as a spatula or stemmed axe, is believed to be ceremonial, due to the lack of wear or signs indicating it would have been used for laborious tasks.Click here to view this item in 3D!
The corner-tang biface is a relatively rare biface with a notch in the corner. While its function is unknown, it is possible that it may have been used as a knife, or for ritual or ceremonial purposes.Click here to view this item in 3D!
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